BlackSmith Consulting Oy

We supply our services relating to welding and welding technology to welding workshops, the construction industry, educational consortia, welding technology producers and materials suppliers internationally.

Our supply solutions are tested and proven in the automotive industry for analysing and improving the quality and productivity of the industrial supply chain. Our tools are suitable for auditing the supply chain and for planning usability, reliability and maintenance, as well as for risk management.

The focus of our operation is on demanding industrial manufacturing processes, on analysing and developing their quality and productivity in collaboration with customers and other key partners. Our operation is, however, flexible scalable, so our basic tools can be applied to other processes too, such as soldering and brazing.

Our Mission

  • We supply solutions and operating models relating to welding and welding technology, as well as tools (both) for companies’ risk management and operational development.

  • We have a fundamental understanding of material sciences, the different processes, and how to manage the interfaces between subassemblies, taking into account the end-customers’ requirements and qualitative norms. Our focus is on making use of finished but ever-evolving tools and digitalisation.

  • We are able to supply flexible solutions to each customer’s challenges and those associated with the customer’s supply chain, locally or internationally.

Our Vision

  • We are your most reliable partner in the value chain for businesses and educational consortia alike.

  • We apply and convey know-how and expertise on the digitalisation of welding and welding processes using the Industry 4.0 concept.

  • We are a pioneer in making use of failure mode, effects and analysis in relation to welding processes.

  • Our service concept is most flexible, as internationalization has been a strategic choice from the outset of our operation.

Our Values

  • Customer-orientedness is the focus of the operation – always

  • Reliability and perseverance for achieving joint objectives

  • KAIZEN philosophy; continuous development of services and processes in collaboration with customers

  • Long-lasting and in-depth customer and partner relationships – our philosophy is encapsulated in the phrase: Forwards together!

  • An inspiring, motivating and good spirit