A welding technology service that is flexible and customer-oriented

We supply solutions and operating models relating to welding and welding technology, as well as tools for companies’ risk management and operational development.

We have a fundamental understanding of material sciences, the different processes, and of how to control interfaces between subassemblies, taking into account the end-customers’ requirements and qualitative norms.

Our focus is on making use of finished but ever-evolving tools and digitalisation. That means we are able to supply flexible solutions to each customer’s challenges and those associated with the customer’s supply chain, locally or internationally.

Tens of years of experience behind us

We have 30 years’ experience of the welding sector as well as 20 years’ experience of the engineering industry. In addition, we possess a wealth of expertise relating to the digitalisation of industry and to reliability and operating dependability, in combination with strong international network of contacts. Our operation is independent of equipment manufacturer and extremely flexible.