Operational and quality development and improvement

Operational development, change planning and management, optimization of production facilities and material/information flows, working capital improvement through reduced cash waste and profitability improvements:

  • Lean-manufacturing and Toyota Production System
  • Total Quality Management and SixSigma process control
  • Total Productive Maintenance and Reliable Centered Maintenance
  • Sourcing and supply chain management
  • Design for SixSigma, reliability engineering and manufacturing control (FMEA / FMECA): building reliability growth into the product
  • Achieve significant reduction in number of non-conforming parts and product variation through effective design/process validation

The evolution of efficiency paradigm from resource efficiency to flow efficiency / Case Pematic Oy Robotic welding of cylinders PDF

Strategic management, sales and internationalization management

Strategic management and development:

  • Market, competitor and potential analysis, methods and implementation
  • Profitable sales: differentiation, bundling, communication, etc.
  • Internationalization and distribution channel strategy
  • Leading international sales and marketing organization
  • Successful B2B sales and key account management

Welding and manufacturing technologies - digitalization (Industry 4.0)

  • Welding coordination, auditing, manufacturing control, welding procedure and qualification management
  • Welding process development (mechanization and automation)
  • Welding economy and welding digitalization
  • Welding and joining technology related problem solving (metallurgy and materials technology and other product quality factors)
  • Soldering and brazing processes (CAB / VAB)
  • Sheet metal manufacturing technologies

Educational and training solutions for companies and educational consortia

BlackSmith Consulting Oy's degree programs combine a strong theoretical foundation with the practices and tools that are applied and utilized in modern and successful companies today to ensure customer satisfaction, quality, productivity, profitability and growth. Training programs are tailored to the business and education consortia and are continuously being developed further through feedback, and also in close collaboration with the international B2B field.