On behalf of Tana Oy, we were very pleased with the project. We did not only increase our own expertise in Tana Oy's product development and procurement, but also the expertise of our contract manufacturers in matters related to improving the welding process. In addition, BlackSmith Consulting Oy handled the necessary documentation with high quality.

Suvi Kupiainen, Vice President, Supply, Tana Oy


Creating higher customer value and, on the other hand, advancing in the value chain to become a Tier-1 supplier has created new requirements and needs, which we have successfully tackled in a close cooperation with BlackSmith Consulting Oy. Central to our partnership has been the introduction of automotive industries Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) system expertise for component and material deliveries into our company and its key processes.

Petteri Nokkala, CEO and the owner, Pematic Oy


Millog was established to maintain ground and naval equipment as well as air force control systems under both normal and exceptional circumstances. We also serve civilian industries for which national security, security of supply and partnership are critical success factors. The safety critical nature and reliability of our demanding customers, products and services means that we also value long-term partnerships with our suppliers.

Our cooperation with BlackSmith Consulting Oy has been just like this: the agreed projects and tasks have been handled efficiently and the work has been done with a great attitude and expertise. We highly recommend!

Markku Takalo, Head of Department, Millog Oy


BlackSmith Consulting Oy

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